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At Peer+Plus we accommodate children and adults requesting development of study approaches within virtually any science, math, literature, religion, grammar, writing, foreign language, or social studies material. Our services are provided within the framework of solid time management, organizational strategies, and study skills in the convenience of the student’s own home.

With services in:

Greater New Orleans/Metairie/Kenner
Baton Rouge

Have you asked these questions:

  • How can a parent know if a child should repeat a grade even if she did not fail? What about participating in some remedial work like tutoring or therapy?

  • How do you help a person learn to understand, or comprehend?

  • My child is slow in homework and doesn’t always finish tests. How can I speed him up?

  • How can my son be such a good student in reading and social studies and still be so poor in math?

  • What are the best things we can do at home to start this year off right?

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Peer+Plus can help with answers to these and other related questions about your child or yourself.

Mary T Heffron deBrueys, MCD, CCC
Founder & Director Peer+Plus




“When we started with you, my son had a D to a failing average.   He made a B for the year in his math class.   Your tutor was great!”
- Parent of an 8th grade student in N.O. -

Your tutor has been great with our daughter!  He is so encouraging, and she responds so well to that.  Thanks so much for helping us finish the year on a positive note!
-Parent of 9th grade student in Mandeville -

Thanks so much for helping us get on the right track with our son.  We have worked hard to find the right help, and I never felt good with anyone or anything we did until I encountered Peer+Plus.  Much appreciation to you!
-Parent of 3rd grade student in B.R. -

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