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Peer+Plus is a program which provides both diagnostic, learning specialty, and tutorial assistance. 

Overview of Diagnostic Service
Peer+Plus' diagnostic service provides comprehensive cognitive, processing and educational testing for all ages from kindergarten through adulthood. This process includes completion of a case history, the testing itself, an interpretation of results, and the generation and provision of a complete written evaluation report.

Overview of Tutorial Program
Peer+Plus' Tutorial program is designed for individuals, children and adults, seeking:
  • Study skill development
  • Improved organizational skills
  • Time management/efficiency
  • Test preparation strategies
  • Assistance with specific subject areas

Peer+Plus was the pioneer in the New Orleans area for developing and offering this complete system of remediation in your home. 

Following an Intake session with a coordinator during which study approaches and skills are presented and taught, a match to a learning specialist or tutor can be made. Our services are then offered in your home. For individuals requiring or requesting sessions on school campuses or at other appropriate locations, scheduling needs can be accomodated. 

The Difference
The Peer+Plus Learning Specialty Program is different from other services by design. Services in your home help your child become settled in the place where he or she should study with consistency. An effective and efficient system of coordination exists through which your provider is available to you at any time for consultation and requested school coordination.  Families and students are our primary concern, and we work hard to earn and keep your trust.

Over 80 Tutors
All Peer+Plus contractual tutors are required to complete background checks through the Louisiana State Police Department.  Additionally, all tutors are trained in the Peer+Plus study program prior to being eligible for consideration as providers through Peer+Plus. Our tutors vary in age, background/expertise, and availability, in order to offer you the best possible service. 

We can accommodate virtually any science, math level, language/literature, grammar/composition, religion and/or foreign language need you may have, always within the framework of solid study, time management and organizational approaches in the convenience of your own home. Schedules are established initially a minimum of twice per week, and additional time may be scheduled upon request.

I just had to write you to let you know what a gem our tutor is!  What a wonderful young lady – with so many wonderful qualities I don’t know where to begin!   Needless to say, we want her back next year!  
~ Parent of a high school student in N.O.

Thanks again for all your help.  All of your tutors have been absolutely wonderful and so supportive!  And Carolyn, our coordinator, well - I can’t say enough positive things about her – and I tell her all the time!    I know it’s nice to hear good things, so I wanted to pass it on how pleased we’ve been.  
~ Parent of two middle school children in Metairie

Mary T & Carolyn, I can’t thank you enough for all your help with our son.  We are so proud of how far he has come, and your tutor needs to be commended for all his hard work.   Not only did the failing English grade come up, but your tutor taught him how to prepare, study, and take responsibility.  This was a major turning point in his attitude!  Please thank our tutor for his time and patience.  He really made all the difference for our son.  
~ Parent of a high school student in Metairie

Mary T, Thank you for your awesome help, as usual!   
~ Parent of Metairie elementary student

Mrs. Mary T, I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to tutor and mentor all of the students I have seen.  I really enjoyed working with them and with you.   You have a wonderful service.  I hope I can begin tutoring again soon when I return to the city.  
~Tutor who was a med. school student in N.O.

Your tutor was wonderful and very flexible with us.  Thanks!  And I will call you again next year as soon as we see what we need!   
~ Parent of 10th grade student in Kenner

This has been a good school year for my son.  It has been hard since the death of my husband - and I credit 2 really nice people, your two tutors.   They were great, and I was happy for my son to have 2 such fine male role models.  Thanks again, and we hope to see you again in the fall.   Summer, 2000 
Parent of 9th grader in Kenner

Thanks so much for all of your help – meeting and working with your tutor was a joy and a delight!   
~ Parent of high school senior in Baton Rouge

Thanks so much for being there!  Your service really made a difference in our lives!  And we’re looking forward (with confidence we’ve never experienced before) to next year.  Have a wonderful summer.    
~ Parent of high school sophomore in N.O.

I think your tutor is working out very well.  She seems well-suited to my child, and my daughter is having fun, too – which is important to her!  Thank you for being there for us.  
~ Parent of 2nd grade student in N.O.

Please show these good grades to our tutor and thank him!  We really appreciate all his help and hope we can find someone like him when we move to Birmingham!  
~ Parent of 7th grade student in Kenner

Dear Mary T, I want to thank you and Carolyn and our tutor for all the positive work you have done with my son.  His grades certainly improved.  And I especially appreciate all the positive conversations you and Carolyn had with him.  I certainly do appreciate your services and the personal touch you all extend.  All of you have made such a good, positive difference in my son’s life.  Thanks for the encouragement for my son - and for me!  God bless you and thank you again.   ~ Parent of junior high student in Metairie

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